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There is much about the H1N1 virus, the H1N1 vaccine, the School-located Vaccination programs, Ohio “pandemic” policies and programs, and even the “pandemic” itself that Ohioans were not told.

This web site is dedicated to filling in some of the current information gaps as they relate to residents of Ohio. However, much of the information and many of the articles we post apply to folks who live in other states as well. Particularly important is for parents to understand the school vaccination programs and the implications of these programs. (See The School-located Vaccination (SLV) page)

Vaccines are not safe and the drug companies have been given complete immunity regarding any harm or injuries they might cause. In fact, the Institute for Science in Society sent a report to the Chief Medical Officer of the UK, and the US Food and Drug Administration warning them that The vaccines were far more deadly than the swine flu.
The unwise and unwarranted invasion of the federal government (via state and local public health institutions) into our children's classrooms must not be allowed to continue. Our children cannot protect themselves from this encroachment into their health care. As parents we must act on their behalf. We do not want public health agencies (federal, state or local) to engage in the administration of drugs to our children in the school environment on a mass scale. The H1N1 vaccines, that were not properly tested nor approved through the normal process, were emblematic of where this will lead us. We do not want to open the door to vaccination clinics in schools . . . not now - not ever.

The "For Ohioans" site was founded by AL; a former Registered Respiratory Therapist and a former Court Appointed Special Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children (CASA).

As a Respiratory Therapist in Chicago, I took care of several Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) patients who were so ill they were on respirators. As a CASA, I received first hand experience with government bureaucracies and the Ohio Revised Code.

While this site web was initially started by one individual, it quickly expanded to include input from many researchers and scientists from across the state and beyond, who are examining the impact the vaccine 'agenda' is having on our population.

My Politics
Like everyone else I am conservative about some things and liberal about others. I have no loyalty to either the Democrats or the Republicans. Both parties have been hijacked by special interests and currently our politicians care more about re-election than serving the population. Our country has been corporatized and the population needs to wake up to this reality, recognize the harm this model is causing and de-corporatize our government on all levels.

I am also a parent and a grandparent, who only woke up in 2009 to the reality that vaccines are more harmful than they are beneficial.

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