Dudley Do-right's immune deficiency disorder

January 29, 2010
If you have ever contacted a kennel to board your pet, you know that all require your pet to be "up-to-date" on all of their vaccinations. Apparently, they all ascribe to the exact same "immunization" schedule. Our little dog, Dudley Do-right, received each and every vaccine the industry has put out - because he has been boarded many times.

In 2009 Dudley got a strange skin condition (see photo) that caused loss of hair and blackening of his skin. We took him to three different veterinarians; two were dermatology specialists. A skin biopsy was performed. Both dermatologists (one at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine) diagnosed Dudley as having an "auto-immune" condition caused by the adjuvants in the vaccines that he had received. And both dermatologists told us there is no treatment for his condition.


Dudley's story has a happy ending. A good friend, who happens to be an herbologist, told me what to do to recover Dudley's health. His hair grew back and he was as feisty and cheerful as he ever was.

We finally had to put him to sleep when he was 17 years old. The vet marveled that he was able to live such a long life.

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