April 8, 2014
[Updated 6-30-14]

The following is not legal advice. It is merely sharing ideas, understandings and suggestions regarding ways of dealing with vaccine recommendations by the CDC and/or or public health departments and vaccine requirements by employers and educational institutions.

If your employer or school requires that you get a flu shot, it is important to educate yourself as to the risks. Neither the employer nor the school is obligated to provide full disclosure. That is not necessarily their fault, because they are conditioned to trust the CDC and/or public health employees. Here is a real-life testimony as to the absence of full disclosure regarding flu shots and the devastation a possible adverse reaction (Guillain-Barre) can cause:

More Info regarding the flu shot risk of Guillain-Barre

The following information was put together as a response to new policies by many medical institutions and colleges requiring their employees/students get flu shots or other vaccines. These notices are designed to inform your employer or academic institution of the conditions under which you will comply with their flu shot (or other vaccine) request. See Notice http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Notice

Before filling out and turning in this notice, employees/students should request the vaccine package insert for the vaccine they are being asked to take. Do not accept a substitute brochure or handout. If this insert is provided, inform the employer that you must take it home to read and consider. DO NOT JUST READ IT AND HAND IT BACK. It could be used as evidence should you accept the vaccine and get injured by it.

If no insert is provided, fill out and deliver the Employee Vaccination Notice (a). If it is provided, use the Employee Vaccination Notice (b). This Vaccination Notice was designed as a tool to help employees and/or students decline unreasonable flu shot (or other vaccine) requests . . . and hopefully keep their positions.

  1. Items in grey need to be personalized
  2. Corporate entities need to be in all caps.
  3. The health department of each states is listed in its corporate name in all caps on Dun and Bradstreet. That information is accessible for free online.
  4. The report referenced in the notice can be read Here: Health Hazards of Disease Prevention
  5. At the bottom of the notice is a space for the employee or student's signature and the signature of two witnesses. Of course, the dates need to be identical. An acceptable alternative to two witnesses would be to sign in front of a notary and have them stamp it for you.
  6. Use blue ink for signatures.

This notice requires little discussion. Just hand it to the department that notified the employee of the vaccine request. Politely explain that you are not yet able to make a decision regarding the employer's vaccine request and you wish to notify them of the additional assurances you require before complying. Remember that there have been adults who were permanently severely disabled by vaccines - whose employers paid zero in compensation. And for this very reason drug companies refused to stop making vaccines unless they were given immunity from liability. Your employer is asking you to take a drug that is not warranted as either safe or effective by the manufacturer. It is extremely unlikely your employer will provide a document accepting liability should you suffer illness or injury from the vaccine. Read the notice and if you agree with it, complete the appropriate notice (a) or (b) and return it to your supervisor. If asked where you obtained the notice, simply say from another individual who shares your concerns, which is true. Giving more information is not required and is not advisable. Citing websites or vaccine aware organizations just motivates those in the well funded vaccination-distribution-business to track down and discredit folks that are doing their best to bring good information to the public. It is extremely unlikely your employer/school will provide a document accepting liability should you suffer illness or injury for the vaccine.

The notice just states indisputable facts and is designed to be self-explanatory. It is essential that those who wish to use this notice read it, understand it, and agree with it. Should your supervisor refuse to accept your notice, politely remind him/her that he/she is merely an agent, and that the notice needs to go to the principal. If they still refuse to accept it, ask if they would prefer you send it by certified mail to the head or dean of the department. Be sure to save a copy of the notice for your own records, after noting the name of the recipient and the date received.

Download the LAWFULLY YOURS pdf guide posted at the bottom of this page (the instructions start on page 30), and the Word Doc templates for Vaccination Notices are linked right below it. Select the one(s) you wish to use.

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