Public health departments and loss of public trust

The following postcard was created by the Adult Immunization Coalition of Central Ohio - a coalition of local health department employees, vaccine manufacturers, and private businesses designated as "vaccination providers".

The format of this coalition is a perfect example of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model used by those working to advance the North American Union and "privatize" government function:
  • Government agency representatives (salaried by taxpayers)
  • Private Business (profiting from program)
  • Rarely include our "elected" representatives
  • Almost never include input from taxpayers, voters or the general population

Postcard of downtown Columbus, Ohio by the Adult Immunization Coalition of Central Ohio

If raises a very serious questions regarding specific local health departments and the Director of the Ohio Department of Health. This occurrence is taking place within the Adult Immunization Coalition of Central Ohio (AICCO) and could result in causing harm and injury to many Ohioans.

When vaccine manufacturers are given immunity from liability for vaccine injury or harm (as Health and Human Services Secretary Sebeluis announced on CPAN), it is reasonable to have serious doubts about its safety.

The Adult Immunization Coalition of Central Ohio (AICCO), was founded before Aug, 2008. According to their website (www.vaccine4me) there is now a new business opportunity in Central Ohio: the administration of unsafe vaccines. The businesses involved are listed on the AICCO website as members of their coalition.

Of course the administration of the H1N1 vaccine is a great business opportunity for the following reasons:
  • large numbers of targets - including health care professionals, institutions, employers, and the general public
  • free product - if administering the H1N1 vaccine, there is no cost for the product as the taxpayers are paying for the vaccines
  • no risk - the government removed all liability for harm, injury or death surrounding the production and administration of the H1N1 vaccine
  • free advertising - the Center for Disease Control has partnered with the mainstream media to convince the public the vaccine is both safe and necessary

To benefit from the H1N1 vaccine business opportunity all the participants have to do is 1) deny the genuine concerns about its safety, and 2) be willing to risk harming Ohioans, especially by the administration of vaccines containing adjuvants. Adjuvants (HHS purchased $415 million dollars of adjuvants in July, 2009) have never been tested and approved by the FDA. Recently an injunctive lawsuit was filed for that very reason (enclosure).

There are 14 different local health departments (and the Ohio Department of Health) listed on the AICCO web site. The Ohio Administrative Code 3701-36-04 ( describes the role of the board of health as "Protect people from disease and injury . . . Each board of health shall provide programs in such a manner that the community will be protected from disease and injury". These public health agencies are engaged in the exact opposite with their coalition partners:
  • Columbus Public Health
  • Coshocton County Health Dept
  • Delaware General Health District
  • Fairfield Department of Health
  • Fayette County Health Dept
  • Franklin County Board of Health
  • Galion City Health Dept
  • Knox County Health Department
  • Licking County Health Dept
  • Madison County Health Dept
  • Marion Co. General Health Dist
  • Morrow County Health Dept
  • Perry County Health Dept
  • Pickaway County Health Dept

Here are the drug companies (vaccine manufacturers) that are members of AICCO with the public health representatives. Some have actually produced H1N1 vaccines.
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • MedImmune, Inc.
  • Merck Vaccine Division
  • Novartis Vaccines
  • sanofi pasteur
  • Wyeth

There can be no doubt that when local public health departments (government employees) meet with and formulate a plan to administer unsafe vaccines on behalf of the drug companies (corporations) in their coalition as a business opportunity for the businesses in their coalition, there is an obvious conflict of interest.

The Ohio legislators have not passed any laws permitting the state or local public health agencies to work with business interests to administer harmful drugs to an unsuspecting public - who will not be able to sue for damages or reparations should they get seriously injured. I know, as I read the entire revised code section 3701 - Department of Health.

There are no excuses for the public health representative's participation in the promotion of unsafe vaccines on behalf of the vaccine manufacturers in their coalition. Their AICCO coalition and their stated goals violates public trust for the following obvious reasons:
  • They knew that the drug companies are "at the table", are active participants in their coalition, and stand to make great profits if their products are widely promoted (promo: the AICCO postcard was actually paid for by taxpayers - the Franklin Country Board of Health)
  • They know how to access the internet and could have learned what many of us have already discovered about the many problems with the safety of the H1N1 vaccine
  • They know the drug companies have been given immunity from all liability, it has even been announced on TV
  • They know that drug companies are not in business to protect the public, but only to generate profits for their companies
  • They know what happened in the 1976 mass vaccination program and that the rise in Guillain Barre was a result.
  • They know there is mercury (Thimerisol) in the vaccines and can look up the safe EPA levels at any time
  • They know that private contractors are going to profit from their promotion of this potentially unsafe vaccine, as these contractors are a part of the AICCO coalition.
  • They know that private contractors are not hired to look out for the public interest, but to make money for their companies - that is what businesses do

Public Trust
"The concept of the public trust relates back to the origins of democratic government and its seminal idea that within the public lies the true power and future of a society; therefore, whatever trust the public places in its officials must be respected. One of the reasons that bribery is regarded as a notorious evil is that it contributes to a culture of corruption in which the public trust is eroded."

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